Amongst the most varied types of single-phase electric motors are the squirrel-cage rotor motors, taking into account that it has simplicity and ease of projection and, mainly, for its reduced maintenance and robust body.

According to the fact that single-phase motors operate only with one phase of power, this class of motor can not have a rotating field, as in the case of motors of the three-phase type, even in the case of a pulsating magnetic field. This fact does not admit that they have starting torque, considering that in the rotor, magnetic fields are induced in line with the stator field.        3B42SH

To solve starting failures, auxiliary windings are dimensioned and positioned in a way that is capable of creating a second false phase, ensuring the formation of the rotating field essential for starting.

In this way, single-phase induction motors are evaluated as a competent alternative when compared to three-phase induction motors in environments where three-phase power is not available, for example in rural areas, offices, residences and workshops, among others . Its application becomes feasible for low power only, which can change from one to two kw on average.