Standardized Loads

The load of the devices to be connected to the current transformers must be carefully sized to indicate the compatible standardized load current transformer. However, since the apparatus is connected to the transformers by means of wires, generally of large length, it is necessary to calculate the power dissipated in these conductors and to add it to the power of the corresponding apparatus.

The current transformers must be pointed according to the load that will be connected in their secondary and this way, NBR 6586/92 standardizes the secondary loads.

For a current transformer, the secondary load simulates the ohmic value of the impedances imposed by the different devices connected to its secondary, including the interconnecting conductors.

By meaning, nominal secondary load is the impedance attached to the secondary terminals of the current transformer, with a value similar to the guaranteed accuracy power, under rated current.

It should be noted that when the nominal secondary current is different from 5 A, the values ​​of the loads must be corrected by the square of the relation between 5A and the corresponding nominal secondary current in order to achieve the desired values ​​of said parameters.

A taxa de administração é tão ruim assim de ser paga para a imobiliária?

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Muitos querem saber se a taxa de administração será tão ruim assim de ser paga para a imobiliária. O objetivo da postagem é mostrar que esses pontos devem ser pensados, porque farão diferença de forma positiva a todos.

É interessante citar que acima de tudo é preciso mostrar que essa taxa pode vir a ser vantajosa para todos. Especialmente para aqueles que desejem ter acesso a algo que consiga atender uma necessidade.

Por exemplo: pessoas que deixam os seus apartamento para alugar em sorocaba na imobiliária e moram em outro estado, para esses é importante pagar a taxa. Obviamente que tudo vai depender da empresa e nesse caso é bom estar atento.

Para que as coisas funcionem da forma correta, é adequado citar outra questão fundamental em cima de tudo. Trata-se de pensar um pouco mais a longo prazo, especialmente devido a sua maior facilidade.

Uma boa imobiliária conseguirá auxiliar nesses pontos, porém se a empresa for ruim tudo poderá ficar pior. A dica principal é pensar em tudo antes, pois isso será importante para todos.

Electrical Devices

Electrical devices can create an electromagnetic field at the instant of energizing your coil, so they are called electromagnetic keys. They are used to open or close contacts.

There are several types of electrical devices that command, regulate and protect electric motors and form the power elements of industrial electrical installations. Some are manual as the power switch and other automatic such as contactors and relays.

In the power contactor, the main contacts are identified with unit numbers from 1 to 6. These contacts withstand high currents, which depend on the power the motor will drive, and are always of the normally open type.              cluthes and brakes for boston gear

There are also the auxiliary contacts, which are used to drive electromagnets (coils), magnetic keys, signal lamps or audible alarms.

These contacts may be of the normally open or NF (normally closed) type and the contactors have the identification of their associated terminals and relays, informing their position and the function of each terminal. The coils are identified alphanumerically (A1 and A2) according to IEC 947-4.

Single Phase Machines

Amongst the most varied types of single-phase electric motors are the squirrel-cage rotor motors, taking into account that it has simplicity and ease of projection and, mainly, for its reduced maintenance and robust body.

According to the fact that single-phase motors operate only with one phase of power, this class of motor can not have a rotating field, as in the case of motors of the three-phase type, even in the case of a pulsating magnetic field. This fact does not admit that they have starting torque, considering that in the rotor, magnetic fields are induced in line with the stator field.        3B42SH

To solve starting failures, auxiliary windings are dimensioned and positioned in a way that is capable of creating a second false phase, ensuring the formation of the rotating field essential for starting.

In this way, single-phase induction motors are evaluated as a competent alternative when compared to three-phase induction motors in environments where three-phase power is not available, for example in rural areas, offices, residences and workshops, among others . Its application becomes feasible for low power only, which can change from one to two kw on average.



In the case of large electric machines, other smaller motors connected in series with the armature chain should be placed between the main poles. We call these interpolates, in which their function is basically to guarantee the neutral line even under different armature currents, also called load conditions. This effect of the armature current that can affect the neutral line is called the armature reaction.

The position of the collector is located in a region called the neutral line, in which the voltage should be zero, however, as a function of the changes in the mechanical load of the motor, its armature current will be changed, and this factor allows a displacement of the neutral line. This causes larger arcs in the brushes, which can result in considerable damage to the collector, as well as excessive brush wear.  qd bushed

In the case of small electric motors we find a kind of mechanical device, which can guarantee the process of moving the brushes to the new operating point, in which the zero voltage condition can occur.



Fuses are simple devices that serve as protection of electrical circuits as well as equipment. Fuses are devices used for the purpose of limiting the current of a circuit, guaranteeing its interruption in case of short circuits or long overloads. The short circuit is a virtually unstressed connection between conductors under voltage or, it may also be an intentional or accidental connection between two points of a system or electrical equipment, electric motor, or a component, through a negligible impedance. reelcraft 7600 EHP

The fuse element has physical properties in such a way that its melting point is less than the melting point of copper and copper is the material most commonly used in general purpose conductors. Under these conditions, the current acquires a value that is many times higher than the operating current through a negligible transient resistance, so that the equipment and part of the installation may have a short-term or electrodynamic endurable current or thermal stress (rated current of impulse) exaggerated. Its action is due to the fusion of an element by the Joule effect, caused by the sudden elevation of current in a given circuit.